Authorist's Notes

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This is just to explain some of my thoughts in the creation process of this project. When it is completed this section will be removed. It might even be considered a progress report section.

The end objective is to have twelve chapters of twelve images and text. That will total 144 exhibits, which is one gross. You may ask why that is important, but I can't tell you. From a navigational standpoint the menu system at the left isn't conducive to an easy viewing experience. It will allow the visitor to get to any one of the exhibits directly, but the format once the project is completed will be different. The menu system at the left will stay, but there will be a "next" and "back" button on each page. I am not trying to impliment that yet, because I don't know the final order myself. Today, which is the 13th of July, 2006, I am going through and putting the title of each chapter. As I create exhibits, I will put them in the chapter that seems most appropriate at the time. The items that are currently in the first chapter will find their way to other more appropriate chapters as time goes on.

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