Fairy Rape

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As Nefarium glided the last few inches to the stone landing on the stairs, her wings still, she felt the cool wind blowing across her now exposed breast. Her nipples hardened. Instinctively she raised her hands to cover her exposed breast. She wondered what was happening. She had spent so many hours weaving this dress with her thoughts. Each texture of thread and delicate lace pattern, thought out in advance to create a beautiful gown..

A look of both shock and sadness crossed her face as she glanced across the room, to see the human staring at her intently. What were these horrid sweaty thoughts she saw in the mind of the human. Is what her mother said true? Her mother told her, "Wood nymphs have no place in the world of humans." Nefarium replied that she had no tree to watch over, as her mother the hamadryad did, and a new tree had not been born in ages. She wanted to see the world before she was eternally bound to watch over a tree.

She had strayed from the comfort of the glen she grew up in, and the company of her kind. She had seen the human creature and was facinated. It had hair on most of its face, muscles in strange places, and a scent that intoxicated her. Nefarium knew it was a male. She had seen male animals of the forest, but never one that had a shape similar to hers. The Dryads were all female. She didn't know why and she didn't know how new Dryads came to be. She had been chided by those of her kind as being naive, but now she realized how dangerous that could be.

She had disobeyed all the rules she had been taught, and allowed herself to be seen by the human. She ran from him, but allowed herself to be caught. She grew to a size only slightly smaller than him and they danced for hours in the woods. He seemed to be as intoxicated by her presence as she was by his. He promised her anything and everything if she would go away with him, and go away she did. He brought her to this building of stone, which he called his castle. It was a lifeless thing that made her uneasy, but his promises kept her warm.

Now as more of her dress started to vanish, she screamed and in the twinkling of an eye vanished. She felt violated and used. It was time to return to her home and her kind. Nefarium would learn patience as she awaited the birth of a new tree.


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