Front Lines

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As Micki took another drag off of the cigarette, she pondered her seargent's warnings about it giving away her position. She didn't care. She was a private in the All Woman Army of the United States. Be all you can be... what bullshit. I'm a private who is the last of my unit, who is lost somewhere on the front lines. Hell, Micki didn't even know which way her fellow soldiers were. Well, what can I be now...dead? Was it true what the enemy does with the American casualties? Surely the Mexican's aren't that barbaric. A mental picture of a pair of earrings made from a woman's nipples flashed in her mind, as a chill went down her spine.

Micki took another long draw on the cigarette and thought of the stories her great grandmother used to tell. As a child, they seemed like fairy tales. Right now she wanted to believe in Fairy Tales. The one she wanted to believe in now was the one where it was a mixed gender army, but only the men fought on the front lines. Not any more. Her great grandmother said that somewhere in the last century, between the 50's and 60,s a trend started where more girls were being born than boys. By the time Micki was born, only one in eight births were a boy. Too scarce a commodity to risk on the front lines. It was known that women live longer. When her great grand mother told these stories to her, she was well over 150 years old.

In fact she was alive when all of this started. The beginning of World War III. Back when President Bush invaded Iran, after already invading Afganistan and Iraq. The other Arab nations turned on the U.S. with a combined vengence and that wasn't even the worst of it. When Bush armed the vigilante groups patrolling the U.S. and Mexican border, and turned a blind eye to the rapes and murders of thousands, trying to sneak into America. Bush just referred to the Mexicans as "lawbreakers". Mexico at that time was being led by a leftist anti-American leader by the name of Lopez Obrador, who got a closely contested vote declared invalid. It took only a year and a half of this to turn one of our closest neighbors into one of our fiercest enemies. It wasn't that they were so well armed, but there were so many Mexicans already in America, who sympathized, supported, and carried out attacks. It was like being mired down in guerilla warfare, but in America itself. Bush tried to alter the Constitution to allow him to serve a third term as a war-time president. He didn't get the Constitution changed, but he did manage to last a year into his third term as he tried every legal course possible, but eventually failed.

It was an old saying, "That if women ruled the world, there would be no more war." Riding on this concept, and America's tired acceptence of so many years of war, the citizens of the United States elected the first female President. Unfortunately, human nature is human nature despite gender differences.


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