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Nardreght sat behind the closed door practicing the pose she hoped would be the last thing her parents would see, before they were ripped to shreds by the creatures that crouched at her sides. The hand gesture was known across all galaxies by intelligent creatures with five digits. It meant pretty much the same thing in every society. She would pay them back for keeping her from the Senior Prom. Grounded for a cell phone bill that she went over the limit. Didn't her parents realize the importance of the Senior Prom. If it wasn't for the Prom, she wouldn't have gone over her clicks. The make-up, jewelry, dress, and lacey undergarments had to be perfect. Expecially the lacey undergarments. Didn't they realize the Prom was a rite of passage. A time for all virgins to lose that status. Not that she was a virgin, but her parents didn't know any different.

Nardreght was starting to worry. Her parents should have been home by now. She worried that the mighty magic she had paid so dearly for would just fizzle away leaving only the dust it had been created from. The spell that summoned these creatures was greater than anything she knew, and was promised to be more than the magic of her parents combined could handle. She had bargained with the wrinkled old mage from the woods across the river. Most didn't even believe he existed, but she had been determined to find him. Later she realized he had let himself be found because of her youth, looks, and gender.

She told him of her desire to kill her parents, and he only nodded. He asked, "What is it worth to you?" Nardreght mumbled, "I only have ten golden draconians, but I will bring you more!" He told her that her money was not what he seeked. She said, "If it truly will work, I will do anything you ask." She was mature enough to know where this conversation was heading. Hell, she was about to graduate from High School. He demanded that she dance naked for him with all of her sexuality for two hours, and then she must surrender her virginity to him. She cringed at the thought of his wrinkled hands all over her, and even more of his wrinkled body pressed against her, but she accepted his demand. She had intended to lose her viginity at the Prom, but this was necessary to extinguish the fire of her anger towards her parents.

She dropped her clothes quickly into a pile at her feet, and started to dance with wild abandon to music that magically filled the room. As the music sped up, so did her dancing. The room spun as she did. Her body was bathed in sweat as the dance continued. It went for so long and so fast, she thought she would pass out. In fact she hoped she would. Just as her vision started to narrow to a point, and she felt herself falling, the mage caught her. He passed a vial under her nose, and her senses snapped back to attention. She had thought, or maybe just hoped that the second part of the deal was only a test, that she wouldn't have to complete. It was not. She hoped that maybe the old mage was actually a handsome young man in disguise. He was not.

Something in the smelly vial helped her overcome her aversion to the old mage. In fact she felt downright "randy". She surrendered her viginity to the mage softly at first, and then many more times with wilder abandon each time. When he was sated, he handed her a scroll to read. He explained that when she read it, two creatures would be summoned that were mightier than any magic known by the people of this valley. The caveat was that they would only last for thirty clicks and then crumble to dust. Nardreght told him that she understood, and turned to leave. She thought about asking his name, but knew he would refuse, for there is power in mage's names. Sore as she was, she still hurried home.

Sitting in her room waiting, twenty clicks had passed and her parents still weren't home. She started to sweat again. Then as if a prayer was answered, she heard the door open and her father call out her name. Nardreght called out, "I'm up here! Would you ask Mom to come up too?" She heard them climb the stairs as another click passed. She held her breath as they opened the door. The male tigerman sprung like he was shot from a cannon on her mother, as the female leopard woman sunk her fangs into her fathers jugular vein. It took less than two tenths of a click for the creatures to rend her parents limb from limb. They never even had a chance to get off a defensive spell. They obviously weren't expecting the just dessert they were receiving. With the various parts of her parents bodies still twitching, the creatures looked back to Nardreght. She nodded knowing they were seeking release, and they crumbled to dust.

She watched the blood flow in different directions and form several pools as the various body parts stopped twitching. She thought to herself that there is no magic mighty enough to put their souls back into what was left of her parent's bodies. As she looked past the carnage, she saw a large box at the top of the stairs. It was so grandly wrapped, that she stepped over the pools of blood and flesh to get it. As she opened it, she saw the most beautiful Prom dress that she had ever seen.


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