Soft Ones

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The young boy and robot walked in step through the playroom doors, and the pseudo-cat tried to keep up with them. When the softly mechanical voice of the MT-X9 emanated from somewhere in its mouthless head, Adam turned and glared at it with a look of total shock.

Adam: "What do you mean, I'm not the only one of my kind? I've never seen another soft one on the ship."

MT-X9: "Well Adam, the other soft one isn't on the ship. Advance has sent a communique. They have discovered viable tissue on the destination planet, in the absence of a sun."

Adam: "What is viable tissue?"

MT-X9: "Do you remember when you wanted something to love, and we made Kat for you out of those tiny cells?"

Adam: "Yes."

MT-X9: "It is in a fashion similar to that, we have regrown a girl."

Adam: His voice starting to rise in an excited pitch said, "A female! You said they were only legends."

MT-X9: "They were until now. On the border of the constellations Capricornus and Aquarius we found a small burnt out planet, that was once filled with billions of soft ones like you. Both male and female. We found a tiny bit of tissue frozen in the ice that covered the planet, but it wasn't enough to regrow the girl. That is why we took the sample from you. Do you remember ten cycles ago when I cut you and you cried? We teleported that sample to the advance ship."

Adam: "How could soft ones live on a planet of ice with no sun? The vids always showed my ancestors having to have sunlight to grow and make food."

MT-X9: "I'm glad to see you were paying attention. I was worried those lessons were lost on you. Before 'The Transition' when we efficient ones removed all living things from the Earth, except you. Humans did need sunlight. That is why we put you into the deep sleep five hundred big cycles ago. You could not have lived very long without it. They used to have a sun for this planet as well, but it blew up. Do you remember what it is called when a sun blows up?"

Adam: "Yes, it is a super nova."

MT-X9: "Good, that is correct. When their sun went super nova it expanded out and burnt up everything on the planet. It was so bright, it could even be seen from Earth thousands of big cycles ago. They called it the Star of Bethlehem...."


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