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The Reverend Mother felt like the weight of the world was upon her bare shoulders. She had the capability as all Reverend Mothers of The Order to call upon any or all of the previous Reverend Mothers, whether they were living or dead. It was in The Book of Order that one would come, who could speak to the Reverend Mothers, not only of the past, but of the future as well. She had thought about that many times even before she was chosen to lead The Order. Since the future wasn't set in stone, and could be changed, how could one talk to the Reverend Mother's of the future.

The Order grew out of the original Daughters of Tsion, which was the female counterpart to the Knights Templar. In fact their original mission was the same as the Templars. Officially the Knights Templar were not allowed to marry, but in secret some did. Almost all of their wives became Daughters of Tsion. Some of the knights had been married, but were either widowed or renounced their marriage to join the Templars, and had children before becoming widowed or divorced. Many of the daughters became Daughters of Tsion. Some were mothers or girlfriends of the Knights, and in some cases even hired prostitutes. Although they did not go into battle, they said combat prayers, prayer songs, blessing the weapons and armor of the Knights and by spiritually shielding their chosen warrior.

It is even said it was the Daughters of Tsion that were able to keep the vast treasure of the Templars from the French King Philip IV, because there existence was secret. Their is a legend of one 13 year old daughter of Tsion who was the daughter of one of the Knights Templar, who knew every one of the combat prayer songs. When her father fell, there was much competition among the young Knights for her to make the special alliance and become their spiritual shield. The order was founded in the 1100's around the time of the founding of the Knights Templar. In it's feminine form it has existed unbroken for thousands of years.

It evolved into the current form of selective breeding for the traits of psychic power and precognition. The chosen one would be the one who could talk to any previous Reverend Mother back to the first, and to any Reverend Mother in the future, no matter how far distant. Most could only reach six or seven back in youth, and around ten or twelve in their later years. The chosen one could not take what the future Reverend Mothers said to be true. Not because they would lie, but because events in the present could affect the future. In fact it was because when the chosen one called to the Reverend Mother of a specific time in the future, to find someone totally different there, that they knew the events of the future had changed.

It is said that the chosen one will be known by her works and deeds, not by prophecy. Which for an Order that emphasized psychic power and precognition struck me as strange. What are your works and deeds?



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