Ever Wonder?

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Have you ever been driving along, waiting at an airport, or anywhere in public and seen some obviously poor couple with a child walk by? The color doesn't matter, and their nationality is of no importance. It could be any young couple. Have you ever wondered how they get by? Have you ever wondered how they managed to get the money for food and a place to live for the child and themselves?

Have you ever wondered if the guy was a drug dealer and had gotten the girl high, and then pregnant?

Have you ever wondered if the woman was a prostitute because the man was a worthless piece of crap who refused to work to support them?

Have you ever wondered if your tax dollars were allowing them to get by on welfare and not have to work, even though they physically could?

Have you ever tried to imagine what their home, apartment, or alleyway they lived in looked like?

Have you ever wondered what a child from that type of home would grow up to be?

Have you ever wondered if they would have more children, just to get more welfare?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live like them?

Have you ever stopped them and asked how you could help?



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