I Never Understood

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Any man who says he understands women is either a liar or a fool. The way that men and women are wired mentally is different. Not that one system is any better than the other, it is just different. The logic a man uses to approach and solve a problem is completely different than what his femal counterpart would use. They often come up with the same end point, but get there by a totally different path. I know that all women aren't the same any more than men are, but in both genders there are patterns than many seem to follow.

For instance, I've never understood why women have to go to the bathroom in groups when you are at a restaurant and there is more than one woman.

I've never understood why most women are always late getting ready for an event they've known about far in advance.

I've never understood how a woman can cry from happiness.

I've never understood how a woman can love a child so unconditionally that even if they commit murder it is forgiven.

I've never understood how a woman can love one man, but marry another.

I've never understood that sometimes a woman just needs to talk to me about something, without me trying to fix it.

I've never understood how a woman choses who she will make love to.

I've never understood how time slows down when you are in the arms of a loving woman.

I've never understood how a woman's silence could hurt so much.

I've never understood how a woman decides the moment she no longer has confidence in her man.

I've never understood how a woman can ask you to do something and then get angry with you for doing it.

I've never understood why you love me.



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