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This render is done in Poser 7, with a tiny bit of post production work in Photoshop. The belt buckle was too shiny and I liked the lighting on the rest of her, so I just hand edited the face of the buckle. The base charicature is Victoria 4.1 with the facial morphs from the saucy ladies set. She has the Diva Hair and is wearing the complete "Her Elegance" mat file set for the dress, and cape. All of these items, along with the bridge and tree in the background are all commercial items from DAZ studio. The original of the sky, was part of the free background sampler set by Ron Paludan. To get the effect I wanted, it had to be altered colorwise only in Photoshop. The primary land mass and tree in the forefront are from the Fairy Streamlet by Maria from Greece. The rest of the ground is by Lupa Dagidos. The songbird and red roses are both commercial items from DAZ.

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