Princess Abby

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Princess Abby had grown up in the United States, in Tennessee. First was Nashville and then Memphis. So to find herself on the far side of the Atlantic ocean in a small European country, becoming part of the royal family later today seemed like a dream.

Of course her father and uncle used to always call her their princess when she was growing up, but doesn't every father and uncle do that? The Princess Bride with Robin Wright Penn was one of her favorite movies once she became a teenager, and all of the princesses from the Disney franchise were her peers before she became a teenager. Especially Princess Fiona from the Shrek Movies.

The small European country her husband to be, Georg, was prince of is Liechtenstein. The smallest in the world is the Vatican with a size of .02 square miles and a population of 770. Prince Georg's country weighs in at a whopping 62 square miles. To give you some concept of size, the smallest state in America is Rhode Island which is 2000 square miles, of which Liechtenstein would only take up 3.1% of. New York City is 321 square miles or more than five times as large as the whole country of Liechtenstein. We are talking seriously small here.

With that being said, Liechtenstein has one of the highest standards of living per resident in the world. Geographically it is sandwiched between Switzerland and Austria. It is a popular ski resort, but is probably better known as a tax haven for corporations. It was created by Charles VI, the holy Roman Emperor on January 23rd of 1719, but it would be a 120 years before the princes of Liechtenstein set foot in their new country. The language of the country is German, but during World War II it was neutral like its neighbor to the west, Switzerland. These facts and figure swirled around in Abby's head almost making her dizzy, but she desperately wanted to present the best that she could be as a representative of the royal family.

It wasn't likely that she would ever be queen or even her husband king, because Georg had two older brothers and one older sister. Not that it mattered. It didn't matter that he was a Prince and she was becoming a Princess. Georg could have been a dishwasher at the local Holiday Inn and she still would have fell for him. She swears it is his sheepish grin that disarmed her, and his charm that swept her away.

Abby's mind drifted to the sad case of Princess Diana of England. She had not been born when the tragic events of August 31st, 1997 transpired. She knew from news stories that photographers and reporters chased her into a tunnel in Paris, where her car crashed and she died. Abby hoped that her fairy tale would have a happy ending. The royal family of Liechtenstein is not even in the same league of world wide popularity, so she prayed she wouldn't have to live the rest of her life under a public microscope.

She looked up to see one of the bride's maids approaching. It was Georg's older sister. With butterflies in her stomach, and slightly sweaty hands, she announced, "Well, I guess it's time."



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