Seven Days

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As a child being raised in a Christian family, one of the first puzzling things about the Bible was the part about God creating the world in seven days. In Genesis 1:1 it says "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth". Okay, I had no problem with that. Mom and Dad say it is true, then it is true. In fact, as a very young child before school, the seven days part didn't present any problems to my childish logic. The problem arose when I went to school and started learning about science and history. As I grew older, I found an answer that I could live with, that still allowed me to learn and appreciate science. As I approach the twilight of my days, the subject seems more volatile than when I was a child. Enter stage left, creationism.

First let me say that I am still a Christian, and that I don't take the Bible word for word as being the exact words of God. Humans have changed the wording of the Bible on numerous documented occasions. The most notable is the fact we call the most popular version of the holy book the "King James Version." That is because King James in 1611, translated, added and modified some of the wording. To go back even further, in 367 A.D. there was an influential bishop by the name of Athanasius who published a list of approved books to read, and rejected others. His list was the basis of what the current books of the Bible are. If you were to compare the Roman Catholic Bible to the King James Version, there are a multitude of differences. Now we have the New King James Version and the New International version, which are again vastly different.

So when it comes to "creationism", which is basically teaching the concept that God created the heavens and Earth. The first issue is which version of the Bible would you have the school system use. For that matter, why not the Qur'an, the Buddhist Bible or Hindu teachings. Maybe an amalgamation of all of them? That wouldn't satisfy any of them. What of the separation of church and state, so that all religions can be practiced in America? But I stray from the main topic. Even with creationism there is the "Young Earth Creationism" proponents that believe the Earth is only about 6,000 years old.

The simple explanation I adhere to, is that we do not know how long one of God's days are in our measurement of time. Some scientist put the big bang event around 15 billion years in the past, and the formation of Earth around 5 billion years ago. Does that mean a day is 5 billion years in our time? Not necessarily. Who can say that God's days are of equal length? Maybe it is an oversimplification, but I believe that by understanding science we are starting to learn about the mechanics of how God's world works.

If you plant a garden, you put the seeds in the ground and watch it grow. You may help it along by watering it, or adding fertilizer. You might get down on your knees and weed it by by hand. Maybe the scientific universe is our attempt at scratching the surface of understanding. Maybe gravity is God's method of holding everything in balance. Maybe E=MC2 is just how God gets things going and stops them.

I don't presume to know the answer. All I'm doing is explaining how I reconciled the seemingly opposing theories of science with the religious teachings I grew up with. These are just my opinions. As the old saying goes, opinions are like ass holes. Everybody has one. The other saying is, that we all have minds of our own, and can make up our minds for ourselves.




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