Woman As God

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I’ve heard it said that God is a woman,
It might have been said, only in jest
Or by some woman feeling gender blessed.
But I don’t believe it is so.
Is it a feminine trait to let children die?
All the world’s suffering, with no reason why.

Men say there’s a lesson to be learned,
Rights to be earned,
of the details I'm unconcerned.
They only learn by their own mistakes.
We must let them suffer, to make them strong.
With that logic, there's nothing wrong.

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.
Don’t cry, don’t show your pain.
These are the words, which come from a father.

Come let me kiss it and make it all better.
Lay your head here, and cry on my shoulder.
You’ll understand it all when you get a bit older.
Sit down and write it all in a letter.

Nurturing women can heal with love.
I their arms, they soothe your pain,
And you find yourself coming back again.
They lift your spirits high, on the wings of a dove.

It doesn’t matter what you do.
I’ll always be here for you.
These are the words, which come from a mother.



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