The Dream

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Franklin awoke with the components of his dream still clear in his head. He had had this dream three nights in a row. What did it mean? He could never remember having the same dream night after night. For that matter, he usually couldn't remember his dreams at all.

The first thing that stood out was that it had the feel of M.C. Escher's Ascending and Descending lithograph. Where all of the stairs seemed to start and end in impossible angles to each other. The next was the four women wearing the same dress and shoes, but with different jewelry, stockings, and obviously different women. The last thing was the mountain outside the windows that was at the wrong angle to everything else in the dream. He thought for a moment it might be the Matterhorn, but he wasn't sure.

He wondered again what the dreams meant. He knew that people have been wondering about dreams for thousands of years. In 5000 B.C. the Babylonians had a goddess of dreams and a book to help with dream interpetation. Then there was Joseph in the old testament of the Bible who was abandoned to die in the desert, but later rose in power because of his interpretation of Pharoh's dreams. Also, Joseph in the new testament that was told in dreams that Mary's child was from the Holy Spirit and that he should flee from Herod and stay in Egypt to protect his family. But there were many in his field of work that believed dreams were just random electrical impulses that the cortex of the brain was trying to make sense of, and that was why most dreams didn't make sense. He admitted to himself that psychologist today don't know much more about dreams than the Babylonians seven thousand years ago.

Was I coming down with an illness? People with Tourette's Syndrome often have serial dreams. What about the colors of the different dresses? Each color has a different dream interpretation, or the fact that there were four women. In old times to dream of a group of women portended deceit and treachery, but now the politically correct intepetation means an increase in prosperity. The different jewelry but the same shoes. The stairs themselves. Franklin's head was hurting with all the possibilities, when a shrill and piercing sound made him grab his ears to stop it.

When he opened his eyes, he turned over to shut off the alarm. The components of the dream were still fresh in his mind. He was sure he'd had this dream before. What did it mean? He could never remember having the same dream night after night. For that matter, he usually couldn't remember his dreams at all.


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