Another Man's Daughter

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Another man's daughter, another man's wife.
On with the slaughter, another loss of life
Day in and day out, each night on the news
Rape and murder is the lead that they choose.

The picture is as close as they can get,
without all the censors, yanking them from your set.
empty shoe, broken glasses, normal life at an end
just enough that you cannot forget.

The survivors lives are utterly destroyed,
but the TV news ratings have just been buoyed.
Our horror and revulsion we cannot hide,
but it seems that we are getting desensitized.

Our mothers, daughters, and wives walk in fear,
of another sick bastard who has hidden near,
the house, the school, or the parking lot here.

Do I have any answers, I'm sorry but no.
It seems as time passes, the more our fear grows.
You must not give in to abject complacence.
Let our lawmakers know that we've lost all our patience.

Another man's daughter, another man's wife.
Stop all the slaughter, save someone's life.
Watch out for each other, both day and night.
At least with this beginning, we do start to fight.


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