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Jackie stood mesmirized by what seemed to be the perfect example of a Moyogi styled Bonsai tree. What made it even more absurd, was that it was growing out of solid stone. It was much larger than normal Bonsai trees, but it was obvious that this informal upright had been tended to meticulously. A cone of light came out of the stone roof above. It was another impossibility. She wanted to reach out and touch it, to caress the shape of the wood, and feel the soft perfection of the leaves, but she instinctively knew better. She did not let her hands even break the cone of light. Pearl, her trusty sidekick did not seem so enamored of the beautiful Bonsai tree. She arched her back and hissed at it repeatedly.

Jackie was a senior in High School, and the president of the Nancy Drew Society there. Her last name was Chan. A cruel joke by her parents that led to an uncountable number of taunts and ridicule. On the other hand, she did have an inborn need to solve things. Her parents weren't sure who had the most curiosity, Jackie or her cat Pearl. Either way, it managed to get them both into trouble on a regular basis.

On closer inspection the cone of light that appeared to come from the solid stone roof, was actually a tiny hole in the roof. The interesting thing was that it was off center, so that the maximum amount of the Bonsai tree was in the light. Her deductive reasoning was starting to kick in, and everything was getting more interesting by the second. She looked at the arches around her that were barely tall enough to allow her small 151 centimeter (5'1") frame through. This could only mean that the structure was built in a time that the average height was much lower than today's standard. Then the thought struck her that it could have been built by beings that ARE much shorter than humans.

She realized that she didn't know where she was, or how she got here. She had been wandering for a considerable length of time in sort of a mental fog, until she came upon the Bonsai tree. Then some degree of clarity started to push back the fog in her mind.

She had been at school, and after lunch went to her math class. She had felt unusually tired, and she remembered nodding off a few times. The type of nods, where your head starts to fall forward and the speed or the gravity wakes you up. Then you jerk your head upright again. Was this a dream? Had she fallen asleep in her math class? She pinched herself to try and wake up, but all that happened was she squeaked out loud because it hurt. She wondered if there was something wrong with her food from the cafeteria? For that matter, how did Pearl get here? She wasn't at school.

If she ever got out of here, what a story she would have to tell the girls of the Nancy Drew Society!


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