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Although the lake was small in reality, at this moment it seemed as vast as the ocean. She closed her eyes and felt the approach of the angel. She knew there would be at least one angel when she died. She opened her eyes underwater and saw a light at the end of a long tunnel that she seemed to be rushing towards. She had heard of thousands who saw the light and as they passed through it, they would be met by family and friends that had gone before. Oh..I must ask forgiveness before I die completely, so I can start the afterlife with a clean slate. Thank goodness I remembered that.

Millie, her boyfriend, and another couple met at dusk to skinny dip in Lake Tippecanoe. They had done so dozens of times before. Although Millie had never had sex with her boyfriend, she loved his reactions to her naked body. Now she realized she would be found dead and naked. It seemed that it was an inate fear of American women to be found dead naked. Oh well, there was nothing she could do about it now.

She tried to remember exactly what happened. There was the rope swing from the tree branch that thousands of kids had used over the years. She remembered swinging out over the water and letting go. She must have hit the water, but she couldn't remember it. All she knew was that she was under water and not coming back up. She saw the light at the end of the tunnel again and it seemed even closer now. She remembered reading about some group of scientist who said the reason everybody sees light when they are dying is because of the way humans are wired and that was the final flashing of the neurons in the brain.

She didn't want to believe that. She wanted the fall into the comfort of her Christian upbringing. She had faith, which is believing in something you can't see.

In a moment or two she would know for sure.


Image inspired by Jerry Uelsmann

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