Elf & Son

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Today was a beginning for a right of passage for his son. As they walked together toward the holy place of the Drow elves, deep in the woods he looked down on his son with unbridled pride. They had left the underground city of Menzoberranzan at first light, and now as the sun was setting he knew there was still three days march to Erelhei-Cinlu. It was once a great underground city of the Drow in the land of Greyhawk, but now lies empty of the dark elves. It now houses a few wandering mind flayers who were allies of the humans that destroyed Erelhei-Cinlu. But once the battle was won, the mind flayers turned on their human allies and tried to destroy all of them as well.

Melkor's son Aaron was half human. It had seemed strange that Lloth, the spider goddess had demanded he find a wife who was of the race of humans. For the Drow despised humans, and he had taken ridicule from the others of his kind for taking the enemy for a wife. But in a matriarchal society a male drow does not go against the wishes, much less the orders of the ruling female.

Lloth had not told Melkor that with the number of Drow being less than one hundred since the massacre at Cinlu, they must have fresh bloodlines. Otherwise they would fall prey to the weaknesses of the inbred. Melkor only knew that his son was strong and had the protection of Lloth. Even though Aaron was still smaller than adult Drow males, he had the stockiness and strength of his human mother. For this trip he wore the fine armor that was a gift from Lloth. It was too heavy and too warm for this time of year, but Aaron loved it so much that he couldn't bring himself to deny his son's wishes to wear it.

Although Melkor's wife was a captive to start with, when Aaron was born Alyssa became an overprotective mother and warmed to Melkor as a wife. In fact their relationship was better than most of the Drow couples. Aaron wore his hair longer than most, to hide the fact his ears were barely pointed. He also had skin coloring that was somewhere between the darkness of the Drow and the whiteness of his mother. When he was in the sun for any length of time, he started to turn darker, but it was a different color of darkness than the dark elves.

As they were looking for a place to camp, Melkor chided Aaron for leaving a trail. He had shown his son how to walk in such a way as to leave the forest undisturbed, but somehow the half human muscles resisted the naturalness of this travel. Yet those same muscles wielded the three pointed dagger, called a 'fang' with deadly accuracy. Melkor had seen Aaron even use his cloak as both defensive and offensive weapon. Something the Drow he sparred with, didn't expect. He had no doubt that his son would pass the test of manhood by bringing back the decapitated head of a mind flayer.

Aaron on the other hand, wasn't so sure.


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