First Family

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The first family on Mars disembarked from their spaceship. Family being a rather broad description. There was a Combat model of robot nicknamed B.A.R.T., his wife SeeSee who's name was always written C.C., and thier robot child named rBot. The explanation behind this odd sort of metalic family lay in the religious backlash of the early 2000s. It started with President G.W. Bush, and solidified with the Holy Wars brought on by the violent and imperialistic advance of the Muslim religion. The family was the base unit under the Christian religious system, and the
Ecclisiastical Congress of the Americas felt that any ambassadors of earth should reflect that unit. The scientific community having been persona non gratis in general for a while, was more than glad to go along with the edict. At least their research got to move forward.

For those of you who aren't history buffs, the first two attempts by the United States to put probes on the red planet were a failure. What is less commonly known is that the Soviet Union failed five times in the 1960s. Eventually the U.S. got two small rovers successfully landed on Mars, sending back more than 20,000 images from Pathfinder alone. Spirit was the first rover, and wasn't quite as prolific a photographer. During George W. Bush's second term in office, he set forth a goal of sending Americans back to the moon, and then onward to a manned mission to Mars. It is G.W.'s initial goal that kept the mission viable through science's unpoplularity in the religiously charged environment. As most of you remember the first manned mission to mars in 2010 resulted in the loss of the entire international crew. The next two missions resulted in more loss of life, which led to the decision to use robots. The first family robots.

B.A.R.T. softly put his arm around CC, careful not to damage any of the millions of sensors and cameras that made up her pseudo-skin. He pointed to a range of mountains far in the distance where the last mission of humans had lost their lives. rBot was pulling on CC's arm trying to make his way to a huge hole he had spotted. The only thing childlike in rBots existance othere than his juvenille physical dimensions was his insatiable curiosity. rBot knew something exciting was in the hole.

The thin atmosphere of Mars created no issues for the robot family. It was mostly comprised of Carbon Dioxide. That is what is expelled when humans breathe out after taking in the fresh oxygen. Mars had 95.32% Carbon Dioxide compared to .13% Oxygen in its atmosphere. The reason for this was soon to become apparent.

rBot had finally convinced CC to let him go investigate the giant hole. As he neared the hole, all he could see was thousands upon thousands of eyes. A giant flash of light, and his visual sensor array was as dead as the astronauts who had tried and failed this planet before. A high pitched squeal to human ears was actually a very highly compressed audio data stream that was being sent to both CC and B.A.R.T. Both of them came rushing to rBot's aid, with B.A.R.T. protectively keeping CC behind him. It didn't matter. Seconds later both of their visual systems were disabled and B.A.R.T.'s weapons were deactivated.

The trio was brought down a long stairway into what was a vast underground world. CC's audio array was still intact and she could tell by the accoustics that some portions of the underground world were deep in the soil, and others were covered by what seemed to just be a roof of cloth with sand on it. After a trek of about two kilometers they were adressed by some organic being that spoke perfect English.

"I know your language from the many radio and television broadcast that eminate from your planet." the seemingly male voice said. "I also know of your wars and abuse of your planet. I stand here not in judgement, because that is what brought this planet you call Mars to be barren on the surface." The authority and tone of the voice did not invite questions. He said, "We have tried to avoid your notice, but that time has ended. Make no further attempts to reach this planet, for we have no use for your wars or greed." It ended with a simple, "I'm sorry." as the first robot family was destroyed.

End transmission.


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