Trailer Trash

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You know? Life doesn't always go like you plan it. I graduated from high school and couldn't afford college. I didn't think it would matter because I was a real looker back in those days. For you youngsters who don't know what a looker is, it means I was really HOT, good looking, or whatever term is used these days. Hell, for being 102, I still have a pretty good figure. Even in one sixth of the Earth's gravity, my primary assests finally succumbed to gravity and started heading towards my waist. My hips got wider after the birth of my daughter, but my tummy is doggone flat. Oh well, thinking about how I used to look doesn't take us any further in my story, but it was a nice memory to visit.

Back in the first decade after the year 2000, the American president tasked what was then known as NASA to go back to the Moon. They had landed originally on July 20th,1969, but this time it was to colonize the Moon and set up a launch facility to go to other planets, Mars being the first. NASA (National Aeronautics & Space Administration) eventual became the Earth Space Project (ESP). No single nation could afford to finance space exploration, and the "space race" had ended decades before then. It was all the engineers, scientist, biologist, and degreed people who were first sent to the Moon, but eventually they needed service staff. These high and mighty people had grown up with maids, nannies, butlers, bartenders, and cocktail waitresses. Eventually they wanted that level of humanity to wait on them again. The competition was incredibly tough, but I was the first cocktail waitress sent to the Moon.

My mother's favorite movie was named, An Officer and a Gentleman. It was about some girls who lived near a Naval flight school. Their ticket out of a poor life was to get a Navy pilot to fall in love with them. Back in her day, it was the pilots who were considered the best catch for a husband. In my youth, it was an astronaut. When I was chosen as the first cocktail waitress to be among all these astronauts and scientist, I thought my dreams of a good life were signed, sealed and delivered.

With my looks, and the environment of drinking in one sixth gravity, I certainly did get a lot of attention. I was never a prostitute, but I did enjoy the company of many a patron of the Moonbar. I guess that I was just not considered marriage material. I did give birth to a beautiful daughter, who I named Luna. When she grew up, she did manage to land an Astronaut. I have never heard a single word from her after she left with him. She was always ashamed of me. Even though I worked two jobs so she could go to college, it was never enough.

As my looks faded, and I lost my suitors to marriages, space accidents and old age, I started planning on how to survive in old age. Although I had paid a lot of money into something called Social Security that was supposed to provide for me in my old age, it had gone bankrupt. They knew it was heading that way, but never did anything to fix it. They talked about fixing it, but in the end millions of Americans were left without a safety net for old age.

I live in the cab of an old space shuttle. I couldn't afford the cargo department. That much square footage would have made it suitable for a family. The controls of the shuttle are still here in the cab, but they don't work and aren't hooked up to anything. It is just the shell, set up on gravity blocks. There are a lot of other decommissioned space craft in this enclave. It is still called a trailer park, and those who live here are called trailer trash. Most of us here have been in low gravity so long we could never return to Earth. The low gravity causes bone and muscle atrophy. It even alters the cell structure eventually. The benefit for those born on Earth is a much longer life than normal because of less stress on the heart and other organs.

To me, this longer life is just a longer jail sentence in a small and dirty cell. Launching ships from the Moon fell out of favor because you still had gravity to overcome. The International Space Station on the otherhand has grown to the size of a small planet. Launching from zero gravity proved to be a much more financially viable option. There is still some traffic to the Moon, but it is mainly tourist. I make some crafts, which I sell to tourist to get by, but I'll be glad when the reaper visits me.


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