Vampire Wedding

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Her joy was so great, she couldn't keep her eyes from glowing, and her fangs from showing. To him, the concept of a wedding for two Vampires was an oxymoron of infinite degree. The fact that he was a Tepes-Vampire made it even more so, but if it made her happy he would go along with the charade. He had turned her recently. She still held tightly to many of the passions and beliefs of life. He would drain her of those as much as he had drained most but not all of her blood.

It was just her physical beauty that stopped him from taking that last swallow that would seal her death. It was absurd that all who are killed by a vampire become one. The Earth would have been overrun with Vampires centuries ago if that was true. It is a concious choice a Vampire makes, when he or she turns a human into the undead. While they must give of their own blood to make a vampire, they must also give of their power. It is the power that a vampire begrudges giving up any part of, but for her he was willing.

He name was Lilly, another of the cosmos' jokes on him. For her namesake Lillith is the Queen of Vampires, claiming authority over all species of vampire. She even claims dominion over the mis-shaped Nosferatu who came into being, sired by her dead son Kern who hates her.

Montreaux himself was a dandy in 19th century Paris. A drunken night in the arms of the most wrong type of woman you can choose is what led him to this undead existence. His soul trapped in the shell of the body unable to move on. As he passes time on this plane, shunned of the presence of God and anything pertaining to him, he wonders whether to curse her or thank her for his semi-eternal life.

Montreaux thought about the vows of a wedding. Things like, "till death do us part". We'll we screwed the pooch on that one. We're already dead. Then a few lines later, where the priest says, "In the presence of God, our family and friends, we are gathered here to bind this man and this woman in holy matrimony." Gee, I haven't been in the presence of God for over two hundred years, nor am I going to be for the rest of eternity. Even if I am killed, I still won't be in the presence of God. Maybe unholy matrimony might be a better choice of words for us, and there damn well better not be any priest saying these words over us. The words about, "promising with Divine assistance to be unto thee a loving and faithful husband so long as we both shall live." are pretty much guaranteed to be broken. And the bride wore white, he thought. Well, at least that much might be acceptable. She had been a virgin and never married.

He pondered on how long he would play out this charade with Lilly? How long before he would destroy her and take back the power he had so begrudginly given? How long before she met the fate of the twenty wives before her?


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