Dubai Harem

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Most people had not heard of the country of Dubai in the United States until 2006, when President Bush was about to cede control of the major U.S. shipping port terminals to this Arab country. The ruler of Dubai is Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, generally known to his people as "the boss". Although it is both a monarchy and Muslim based country, it is built around the Western laws of the United States, Great Britain, France and is a stable hub of commerce and finance in a region primarily in a state of chaos. From the point of view of the West, the down side is that it is a part of the United Arab Emirates, who's loyalties are not always in synch with the United States.

I am a prince in the royal family, but far far from the throne. I do enjoy the benefits of my own palace and the wealth to support my nine wives. Although Islamic law allows for multiple wives, most arabs are too poor to support more than one wife, if even that. Many of my American business associates quietly snicker at my having so many wives, but they are not aware of the negative aspects. Think of how a single wife might nag, or scheme to get things done her way and multiply that by nine. I enjoy standing on the balcony of my palace in the evenings, letting the cool desert breeze wash over my body as I watch one of my wives dance for me in the bedroom. I know that it is somewhat voyeuristic, but who cares. It is my own wife.

As I lean against the railing in my tailor made flight suit, I think about the advances of Dubai in my lifetime. We are about to start construction on the tallest building in the world. We have Palm Island, a Palm-tree shaped resort island, to be built on land reclaimed from the sea, will be only the second man-made feature to be visible from the moon.

We have convinced major universities around the world to have extentions of their school in our country. We build the campuses for them for free, and pay their teachers much more than they could earn anywere esle in the world. Our education complex boast such schools as Britain's Middlesex University and the Royal College of Surgeons, from India the Mahatma Gandhi University, from the United States we have M.I.T., Harvard, and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. We even convinced the President of Embry-Riddle to come live in Dubai and run Dubai Aerospace University

We have not abandoned our relationship with the other Arab countries, but we do hope to show them the way to integrate outdated and stagnant societies into the modern world, and diversify their economic base beyond the oil that will eventually run out.

I myself, love to fly fighter jets.


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