Elven Attitude

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It was only a matter of time. Genetic research, stem cell research, cloning, Vulcans and elves. Science has been trying to take whatever we see as science fiction, and make it science fact. There has been discussions of making super humans back to the times of Hitler and World War II, over half a century ago. More recently the super humans were planned along the lines of a super athlete with increased strength and stamina, or specialized traits such as eye color, hair color, musical aptitude, and such. But what was the first breakthrough of this reality changing science.... pointed ears.

Actually, a New York plastic surgeon by the name of Dr. Lajos Nagy created a surgical procedure to make human ears pointed. Supposedly it improved the experience of listening to music, but that had nothing to do with the reason most people wanted pointed ears. It started on a major scale with Mr. Spock, an alien first officer on a television show called Star Trek. The pointed ears were a consistent trait of the Vulcan species. That was followed by or preceded by Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, depending on how you look at it. The books and their description of elves and hobbits included the pointed ears, were before the Star Trek show, but the Lord of the Rings movies came after the television show.

Megan's parents were fans of both Lord of the Rings and Star Trek. Both of them worked in genetics, and both of them did it illegally. It wasn't as if they could hide it indefinitely, but they did delay the consequences by using the services of a midwife, rather than conventional doctors for the birth. They were most concerned about how she would be treated in school. Children can be very cruel to other children who are in any way different. After many hours of discussion, they agreed that if it started to become a problem, they would go the way of home schooling or a tutor. The potential benefits of guaranteed celebrity for a physical feature that millions have wished they had, would out-weigh the negative ones, they hoped.

When Megan was born, the ears were much larger in proportion to her head than they had planned. They also were somewhat more forward oriented than they wanted. The result was something closer to the Anime style character than a vulcan or elf. As Megan grew, it became apparent that she had the gene that enabled her to wiggle her ears. This ability, along with the shape of her ears did provide her with better hearing than normal people. She could hear down to the 8 Hz level, where most people's hearing cuts off on the bottom end at 20 Hz. The high end of most people's hearing is around 20,000 Hz, and Megan's reached the 24,000 Hz level. She could hear most dog whistles, but was far from the 100,000 Hz range that bats, whales, porpoises and dolphins use.

Something that they didn't manipulate, but most people thought they did, was her lithe build. The total effect of her build, her ears, and a variety of specialized contact lenses created an overall effect that was mind blowing. She would literally bring traffic in Times Square to a halt, when she walked across the street. Young children's reactions were akin to them seeing a real Santa, and she often got asked if she was one of Santa's elves. Before she even got out of elementary school, she was doing commercials for a multitude of products like Keebler Cookies, Peter Pan Peanut Butter, French Elf Lubricants, and a multitude of others. The price she could command was astronomical, because she was the only one. Disney had her signed up for movies by the age of ten, after three years of price negotiation.

She did not go to regular schools, because of her busy schedule. It was tutors who managed her education, and her parents managed her agent and personal schedule. Megan ate it up. Of course there were times, when it was hard for her, being different, but that was seldom. She loved the attention, the money, and the perks. In mythology, a Diva is the lowest form of divinity, such as the wood nymph. Well, they might as well have said wood elf, because Megan was a Diva. Megan was intolerable if she didn't get her way. Megan epitomized the word bitch beyond human norms. Her tirades and tantrums earned her a psychological classification as unique as her ears. It was called "Elven Attitude."



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