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Melissa thought to herself, "They'll never be expecting this one." She had been a stewardess for five years. The last two years of that time, she flew a regular route between Houston and Washington D.C. Her maternal grandmother was Japanese, and there was a very slight slant to her eyes. It was so slight that you didn't really notice it, but the feeling that there was something exotic about her was the impression that was left. Part of that aura was her bright green eyes. A warm smile and flash of those big eyes was enough to melt almost any man.

Her Japanese grandmother had been interred in the "detention camps" during World War II. She always told Melissa that she was never mistreated. She always seemed just about to add something to that comment, but never did. Her half brother Ward, had been killed in Iraq six months ago. Melissa barely remembered her real father. Her mother had married Ward's father when she was four, and most of her memories of childhood were of growing up with Ward as her younger half brother.

Ward had been in the National Guard to help pay his way through college. He never really thought he would be a battlefield soldier. He fell for the old slogan "One weekend a month, and two weeks a year." He was originally told his deployment in Iraq would be no more than six months. Then he was told it was a year, and shortly thereafter he was told it would be eighteen months. Ward's letters to Melissa had broken her heart. She truly loved her younger brother. It just seemed so unfair that they would keep extending the time he had to serve in Iraq. On top of that unfairness was the fact her brother was assigned to convoy duty. It was supposed to be just a support job to the active military troops, but the insurgents found the lesser trained personnel of the National Guard and the Reservist made easier targets for their roadside bombs and ambushes. It seemed to Melissa that the U.S. Government was trying to get her brother killed.

The straw that broke the camel's back, was when her brother asked her to buy body armor for him, because the military wasn't providing it. She spent $2000 dollars to get him really good quality armor, but two days after she mailed it, she was notified that he had died. Ward had been shot in the chest by a sniper. If he had been supplied with body armor, he wouldn't have died. Something inside of Melissa broke. Now she wanted justice. She wanted revenge.

She glanced quickly at her suitcase going through the airport scanner. She knew there was nothing in there that would set off the alarms, but she had to watch its progress clear through the unit. No alarms went off. She gave a big smile and wave to the lone officer at the scan point. "Hi Greg, how was your daughter's birthday party?" , she asked. He thanked her for asking and told her that his daughter had a wonderful time.

Melissa could feel small beads of sweat on her upper lip, but just continued to smile. Nothing triggered the alarms, but if Greg opened the suitcase he would find chloroform and long plastic ties. She would have no explanation that would justify those items. Her plan was very simple. She wasn't good at intrigue or chess. She would knock out one of the other stewardesses with chloroform and then call another stewardess back to help her in the stewardess station. She would then work her way up to the cabin and ask for the co-pilot to come back and help with a problem passenger. Once the door was closed to the cabin, she would knock him out. Then she would go back to the cabin and tell the pilot that the co-pilot said he had everything under control. She would then knock out the pilot.

She didn't know how to fly, but she knew that you pulled back on the controls to raise the nose of the plane, and you pushed forward to make the plane dive. Banking right or left was just a matter of turning the controls right or left. She had to time this so that she would be able to take the controls of the plane right after it took off from Ronald Reagan Washington Airport. She would just have to point the plane at a target and ride it down. There would be no time to scramble fighter planes.

Melissa thought to herself, "They'll never be expecting this one."


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