The Poltergoddess

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Almost everyone is familiar with what a Poltergeist is to some degree. If nothing more than the movie of the same name, which The Poltergoddess hates, because it made no mention of her. Nor did the other two sequels correct the slight made against her. The movies by the way, really didn't tell anything about true poltergeist.

Poltergeist is a German word meaning "noisy ghost." It is one of the few forms of the paranormal where there is documented proof. In 1975 a series called "Leap in the Dark" captured poltergeist activity on video. In almost all cases there is an adolescent child or young teenager just entering puberty present at the location where the activity is. Sometimes the activity stop when the children grow older. Some parapsychologist believe the poltergeist activity has something to do with the hormonal changes that children go through and psychokinetic energy that is released during this process. Frankly it is all bunk.

The part about young teenagers and adolescent children being present is true. Their spirits bring The Poltergoddess little presents. If any of you have had lesser poltergeist activity in your house, you'll recognize the symptom of putting some small item down and then returning to find it gone. Times where you are positive beyond any doubt that you put the watch, the earrings, the key or whatever on the corner of the dresser. You turn around our leave the room to return and find them gone. Then hours, days, weeks, or even months later you find the item has turned up again. Often times in the exact spot where you remember leaving it, and not being able to find it previously. Poltergeist activity isn't evil in nature. It is impish.

No one knows where the Poltergoddess originated, but some say Bast has something to do with it. Her upper lip and teeth definitely have a feline form. Also Bast's impish nature is known throughout the cosomos. Whatever her origin, she is a well raised goddess. She knows to keep these items would be stealing, so she just receives the temporary gifts from the spirits of the young children and teenagers. The fact that these items vanish at the most inopportune times is just an extension of the impish nature of the spirits.

The Poltergoddess chuckled with glee as she swung the key to the Crown Jewels of England stored below the Tower of London. She knew that she couldn't keep the keys long, but the chaos their disappearance has caused is one of her best jokes in many many years.


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