Prime Crime

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Martin gazed at the beautiful but alien woman as she exited the water in front of the falls. He tried to imprint every aspect of the moment into his memory. The sound of the water, the feel of the grass, the beauty of the woman, her slightly cinnimon scent, the gentleness of her touch. He knew that he would be sentenced to death, but not before years away from the sunlight in dank prisons.

His two crewmates had been killed by some man-eating flora on this planet. He would have died as well, had it not been for this beautiful creature yanking him back from the brink of death. Her skin was soft, but there was something about its consistency that was different. When the ship had scanned the planet creatures of her species had now shown up. Otherwise the ship wouldn't have sent a landing party of three astronauts. It must be something in her skin that makes her invisible to the ships sensors, and it is something other than being green.

She had been wearing a skirt of finely wound moss with thin vines of leaves woven through the gaps in the moss. Her breast were bared. The fact that she covered her lower half, must mean something on a socialogical level, but what it was escaped him. She made a series of clicks and purrs, which must be what her language is. Through shrugs of his shoulders and looks of puzzlement on his face, he managed to express that he couldn't understand her. She took his hand and led him through the forested area, stopping him with her hand if he wandered too close to something dangerous. When she stopped him, she would trigger the plant so he would know what danger it presented. They finally reached a clearing under a large tree that had branches and leaves woven so tightly it resembled an umbrella more than a tree.

She was motioning for him to do something, but he didn't understand what. Finally she sat down, pulling him to the ground with her. Amost immediately she stood up, but with her hands and the opened palm stopping gesture, she made it clear she wanted him to remain sitting. With a quick turn, and surprising speed, she vanished into the undergrowth. Martin wasn't sure what to expect; More of her species? Her mate? To be cooked for dinner? His curiosity didn't have to wander long, for she returned in less than five Earth minutes. She was carrying what appeared to be fruits.

His assessment was correct, and she showed him how to open the fruits and which part of them to eat. This process with fingers was messy to say the least. So when they had finished she led him to the waterfalls to wash off. She lost her skirt without the slightest bit of self-conciousness, so he followed her lead and stripped down to wash. Without seeming too interested in what his pants covered, she did manage to sneak a look or two.

Martin climbed out of the water and lay down upon the soft enbankment. Shortly thereafter she came out of the water and lay down beside him. She ran her fingers along his arm and traced them up across his wide shoulders along his chest. It wasn't long before his body was reacting in ways he couldn't control. A smile crossed her face and before long they were entwined with each other.

Afterwards he realized that he had signed his death warrant, by breaking the Prime Directive. He had shown himself and his advanced civilization to a much less advanced culture. Strange how life imitates art. When the people of Earth actually were able to travel in space, they adopted an ethical code of dealing with other civilizations that most thought was founded in a television program called Star Trek, written by Gene Roddenberry. Gene supposedly lifted the idea from Gene L. Coon or Theodore Sturgeon, but it actually was a 1948 concept by the famous author, Robert A. Heinlein. He used it in a book called Space Cadet.

Martin couldn't imagine why that small speck of history rode along in his mind with the term Prime Directive, but now his eyes were starting to close. He was getting sleepy. He reminded himself again to capture every moment of this heaven. But now to sleep. Perchance to dream.


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