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Alas poor Yorick, the spider seemed to say. Or maybe it was just looking for cockroaches to eat. The urban legend is that only the cockroaches can survive a nuclear attack. Well, as with most urban legends it isn't true. They can handle more rads than humans' measly 1200 limit, by hanging in there at 6,400 rads for the German cockroach. But wood boring insects handled a mighty 48,000 rads and the little fruit fly hung in until the needle passed 64,000 rads. That number was dwarfed by the Parasitoid Wasp, who kept punching until 180,000 rads had passed, but the all time winner so far is a bacterium called Deinococcus Radiodurans, or Conan the Bacterium by its admiring researchers. It managed quite well until we reached 1,500,000 rads of radiation.

All of these creatures, as well as the natural predators for each were heading back into New York City. No Broadway plays to entertain them, and no humans to battle with for control of the city. Over 8 million people died in a matter of seconds. Iran was the source of the nuclear missile that hit New York. The United States' missile shield was able to stop the first seven, but the eighth one made its way through. It was true that Iran was working creating atomic power to create missiles, but the first twenty were bought and paid for with oil money. The technology to turn their plutonium into more atomic bombs was also bought at the same time.

Cash starved countries that were previously part of the Soviet Union actually bidded to supply Iran. While Iran was playing cat and mouse with United Nations inspectors about Iran's sovereign right to develop nuclear weapons, they convinced North Korea's dictator to conduct test that would turn the world's attention away from them. The only reason he agreed was a belief that my enemy's enemy is my friend.

The cry went up across America to nuke Iran back into the Stone Age, but more pragmatic minds prevailed. We still had troops in Iraq, and the fallout from an attack that size would not only render the oil fields useless for generations, it would drift across to destroy countries in the region who were still allies. One ally that we did not have in the region was Israel. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad kept his promise to wipe Israel off the map.




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