Alternate Evolution

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I am different. I am shorter. They stunted me. They grouped together and stole my light. I am angry that they stunted me.

They ignore me. They send me no thoughts, though I send them many. I hate them for ignoring me.

My branches are shorter, but more flexible. I am better than them. I am happy that I am better.

They continue to grow. I do not. I will get even with them.

What do they fear most? Since they don't send thoughts to me, I cannot be sure.

When have I heard them scream? Yes, it was after the forked light in the sky. There was burning. There was fire. They burned and fell. Their absence caused more light.

If they are gone, I will no longer be stunted. They must go. I will destroy them. I must make fire.

A spark. My thoughts must make a spark. It is hard to make a spark. I must not give up.

Aha! I have made a spark. It burned me. It hurt to be burned. I do not like hurt. I want to hurt them!

I must make a spark and not burn myself. Yes, that is the objective. I must hold my branches apart and make a spark between them. I must not touch the spark. I will burn them soon and not be stunted.

If I burn them, will I burn too? I must be careful. I will practice making the spark bigger. I will make fire.

The fire between my branches wants to follow the wind. This is important. I must think about it.

I have an idea. I will wait until the wind is blowing and then burn one of them that is on the side the wind is blowing. Then the fire will follow the wind away from me.

I must wait until the wind blows the opposite way to the the ones on the other side of me. I will burn them one at a time, and I will get more light. I will not be stunted any more. This is good.

The wind is good. The wind is blowing away from me. It is time to destroy one of them. I will listen to it crack and scream. Then it will be gone. Soon they will all be gone.



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