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Mildred always introduced herself as Millie, sometimes adding that she was throroughly modern . The "in-crowd", which started somewhere towards the end of elementary school, and dominate the social structure through high school didn't. They called her Mil...Dred, making sure there was enough acid in their tone of voice to join the two stretched out syllables.

Mildred was not popular. Mildred was a bit overweight. Mildred wore hand me down clothes from her sisters. Mildred had free glasses provided by the local Lions Club, that were not attactive. Her father worked hard, but didn't make enough money to keep his wife and six daughters in high style. There were jokes about him trying to have kids until he had a son, which were somewhat true, but he did love all of his daughter's dearly.

Mildred was lucky enough to be number five out of six. For the time that she was number five out of five, life was good. The youngest always seemed to get more attention, and when Heather was born she took over that title. She even got a name popular with the times, not a throw back to the early fifties. Mildred loved her, but resented her as well.

Mildred felt like a cliché when she was growing up. The nice but pitiable character Meg, from Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. She swore that she would not go through her adult life that way! As with many young people who feel like they are social pariahs, often referred to as geeks, she excelled in her school work. There were no social distractions, except one time when Woodward P. Littleton asked her to the Halloween dance in tenth grade.

Mildred should have known better. Woodward was not only part of the "in-crowd", he dominated it. She didn't like to think about how he had humiliated her. She just wished that she had Carrie-like powers to psychically lock the doors and burn all of them to death.

After college, Millie became successful. She wore expensive clothes. She had contacts instead of glasses, and they were is slightly brighter shade of blue than her eyes. It drew attention to her eyes without looking fake. She grew taller and exercised until she had the body of a Ford Agency model. She had the slight crook in her nose fixed, but balked at the idea of breast implants.

Everybody called her Millie.

The accounting firm she worked for in New York City handled some of the most exclusive clients. Her looks as well as a truly strong intillect and skill set, made her a popular choice among prospective clients. When Woodward P. Littleton and his father entered the office and was introduced to her, he didn't even recognize her. She poured on the charm.

As she sat in the bay window making Fred, her dalmation beg for a treat, she smiled. The charm had worked, and Woodward asked her out on a date. Millie stared off into the distance, thinking about how she was going to humiliate Woodward tonight. As her right breast fell out of the jacket with the plunging neckline, she smiled at the thought that Fred was not the only one who would be begging tonight.



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