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I had a choice after dropping out of high school. I could work as a counter clerk at McDonald's or some other fast food chain for about $15,000 a year, barely getting by or I could work as an exotic dancer. Exotic dancers at the top make over a hundred grand a year, but even a half way decent dancer could pull in a thousand a week. At $52,000, I'd be making more than most people with a Bachelor's Degree. At the age of seventeen, the choice wasn't hard. I had the body and the looks to do quite well in the business. I knew from the age of fourteen that men wanted me in the worst kind of way, and they'd do almost anything to make their fantasies come true.

I couldn't drink in a bar at seventeen, but like most states I could shake "my bootie" half naked in a bar at that age. I think it is those two faced politicians that denounce strip bars as "dens of iniquity" to their constituents and wives, but are some of my best customers, make those laws. They stuff the taxpayer's money in my garter belt like there was no tomorrow. The cops are just as bad. They want sexual favors instead of money for the most part.

If you ask them, ninety percent of the girls will say they are just doing this to get through college, but few attend more than a class or two a year. It's like gee, I can bust my ass till four in the morning, get up and go to classes and study in the daytime for four years, and make twenty thousand dollars less than I do now. Most of the girls say it just to get a little more respect. When you tell someone you are a "titty dancer", they don't gush with esteem for your profession. The path of least resistance wins almost all the time.

Once you get old enough to drink, you get a commission on the drinks you get guys to buy you. But for the most part you just end up being an alchoholic, with that much less drive to better yourself. What they don't tell you about the job, is that you lose respect for guys in general. They become just a means to an end, more money. That is probably why there is a lot of lesbians and bisexual women in the business. You also learn to look at your own body as well as other women's bodies in the way that men see you. That way you can emphasize what makes them part with their paychecks easier. Eventually you find yourself appreciating a nicely shaped ass or breast on women. For the straight girls, they usually end up as biker's old ladies. Not that bikers are bad, they are just social outcast too. They seem to prize the fact their old lady is a dancer, and everybody needs to be appreciated.

The killer punch is age. By your late twenties, you are starting to lose that magic and by thirty-five you are out of the business. The smart ones have socked away some money for a business of their own, but they are the few. Of those who do start their own business, most find that they should have paid more attention at the economics and accounting classes they blew off. By that age you have usually picked up a kid or two from some relationship that was doomed from the start. Guys don't share well.

So you end up as the waitress at the local diner, or the craft lady at the flea market. You tell your daughters not to make the same mistakes you did, but the minimum wage life you are living now, sure makes that exotic dancer's lifestyle look good to them. You try to teach your sons to treat women with respect, and to be wary of feminine wiles, but they are already using what they've learned from you to seduce some schoolmate of theirs.

You sit back and pop a brewski and ponder your life. Not bad, but not exactly what you had in mind all those years ago.



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