Foolish Fairy

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She had been relaxing in the cup of a flower that somewhat resembled the color of her dress. As she lay there daydreaming and listening to sound of the water slapping against a nearby rock, a smarter than usual red-eyed tree frog swam up close behind her. First off, it was hunting during the day. That is strange because they are nocturnal. Secondly, it was swimming, which is not the tree frog's strong suite. This is not to give the frog unnatural reasoning ability. It is still just an animal.

Mindy realized that when startled, she darted straight up out of the flower cup. Exactly what she was taught not to do. She had nearly been caught by the tongue of the tree frog. It would have been a very embarassing death. A reasoning, self aware, intelligent humanoid creature outsmarted by a frog. Her family would have been ridiculed for years. If anyone was to find out about this incident, she would be ridiculed for years.

Frogs don't have teeth, and some Fairies have managed to fight free even after being snared by the frog's sticky tongue. It is more likely that a fairy would get knocked out or get broken bones from the speed that the frog's tongue moves when pulling back into its mouth.Yes, it would be the most unbearable way to die.

As Mindy pulled her arms in to pick up speed on her way home. She heard the tiniest of chuckles. It sounded like her younger brother.



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