The Terrorist

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He arrives with each issue of the newspaper. He arrives on every newscast from both radio and TV. This faceless harbinger of death and destruction is the focus of the war on terror. He has no country, no single religion and now it may be a she that is the terrorist. When the very act of invading a country to hunt down these terrorist, breeds even more. They do not attack only us, they attack and kill those who support us.

Is that Anthrax in the letter you send? Does the briefcase hold a dirty atomic bomb, Does the needle you threaten us with hold some horrid disease? Does that laptop contain some virus or trojan to cripple our electronic infrastructure? Are you happy just to kill yourself and see how many of us you can take with you?

What a strange creature our society has bred. They are willing to destroy themselves and guarantee a place for themselves in heaven. We claim the moral high ground, but so do they. We kill innocent people in our attempt to destroy the terrorist and it is called collateral damage. When they kill innocent people it is an attrocity. I do not condone what they do, but I don't condone my country killing innocent bystanders.

I have heard them say, they do not have missles and fighter jets to attack us with. So they use the only weapon they have, themselves. America is the great Satan according to them. We are like Imperial Rome invading the rest of the world.

In 476 A. D. when the Germanic general Odacoer overthrew the last of the Roman Emperors, the fall of Rome was based on these factors:

Decline in Morals and Values
Public Health (doctors only available to the rich)
Political Corruption
Urban decay
Military spending
Failure to maintain technological superiority

Enough said.


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