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She wanted to be famous. At the age of ten, she started working towards her goal. Her early life sounded like some script from a B movie. A drunken father run off by her mother when she found him fondling her in her sleep. Her mom didn't have to say the way her father was fondling her was inappropriate. She didn't remember because she was six then, or maybe she just blocked it out. But it was written on the many lines of her mother's face. They lived in a trailer park in an old silve Airstream, which in its day was luxurious, but now was just small and broken in many places.

Norma Jean was passed from foster home to foster home and was always looking for a father figure in her life. Vera Jayne Palmer's father died in a car wreck when she was three. In 1950 at the age of sixteen she married Paul Mansfield and started going by her middle name. Bridgit Bardot had been "romantically involved" with director Roger Vadim for several years, and then married him at the age of eighteen. Jo Raquel Tajeda had a pretty normal childhood, but used beauty pageants as a springboard until she married James Welch and started going by her middle name.

The path to fame for her seemed pretty straight forward. You get sexually involved with the right people at an early age, marry young and leave your husband for Hollywood, and start going by your middle name. The tabloids showed the other part of getting famous. You must be bolemic, so you don't have over one percent body fat, and basically sleep your way to the top. The other thing that struck her was that you needed to get drunk or hooked on drugs and display outrageous behavior to keep your name in the news. It also helps to have a spread in Playboy around the age of eighteen to twenty, but avoid Penthouse, Hustler, or the hard core magazines. At ten years old, her path was laid out. It was all right there in the Wikipedia.

She knew that thousands of girls go to Hollywood with dreams of becoming famous, but if you don't set goals, you don't go anywhere. That is what her mom always told her. She sat at the computer and entered the password to disable the parental guard on the Web browser, and started to search for articles and pictures on sexual technique. She decided to lose her virginity at thirteen, but only with an older man who would teach her how to be exceptional.

Tonight all that planning had paid off. She was about to enter The Paragon, which was showing the premiere of her first movie. She had reached her goal by the age of nineteen. She hoped to get two more years of films in before AIDS ravaged her youthful looks. But that had to be kept a secret. So please don't tell.



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