Schoolgirl Uniform

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The schoolgirl uniform fetish has become one of the most widespread clothing oriented fetishes in the world. The fetish is that someone derives sexual pleasure from either wearing the uniform, or viewing other people dressed in the uniform. Even though it is considered a sexual fetish, it doesn't require any sexual contact. In role playing among couples, the uniform has become popular with both men and women. The Wikipedia states that the schoolgirl image may appeal to women because it allows them to project a more youthful, innocent or virginal image. Those same reasons cover why it is popular with men as well. The Wikipedia goes on to say that a less sexual aspect is the feelings of nostalgia it may cause, taking a person's memories back to a simpler time in one's life. Still the contrast of a fully developed woman in a "childlike" role is probably the driving reason for its popularity.

There are actually a wide variety of the schoolgirl uniforms. In Japan their uniform is known as "bura-sera", which is slang for sailor and bloomers. This japanese version is most often a military style dress based on the English naval uniform. This style is pronounced sera fuku in Japanese. It is a variation of the word seifuku, which refers to a uniform in general.

The western version of the schoolgirl uniform is usually based on the Catholic or parochial school uniform. They make a distinct departure from the military style. They are usually comprised of a white shirt, necktie, blazer or sweater with the school crest and slacks for the boys, with tartan skirts for the girls. The skirts often lead the girls to trouble with the administrators, when they try to wear them shorter than they were origionally designed to be worn.

It seems as much as men are chastized for looking at women, the women still dress in a way that they are sure to be looked at.



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