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The idea that we humans on the planet Earth are the only sentient beings in the universe is at least pompous if not absurd. Carl Sagan and Frank Drake's estimates of ten million civilizations as advanced as ours or more, might be a bit too optimistic as well. The reality probably lies somewhere in between.

While I don't have a problem believing there are other intelligent life forms in the universe, of which some may be more advanced than us, I do have a problem with the whole concept of alien abduction. At least on as large a scale as it is purported by some authors such as Harvard Professor John E. Mack or Whitley Strieber the author of Communion. Numbers like 1 in 50 people have been abducted, are put forward in their "nonfiction" books on the subject.

The first time this phenomenon really touched my life was in November of 1975. I was living in Memphis and reading a newspaper about a man being abducted by aliens. His name was Travis Walton. I nearly dropped the paper from shock, but re-read the article's first paragraph again. Yes, it did say Travis Walton was supposedly abducted by aliens. The thing was, that Travis Walton was my roommate. I hadn't seen him for several days, but that wasn't too unusual with our woman chasing habits of that age.

It turns out that it was not "my" Travis Walton that had been abducted. When he returned from a trip to south Mississippi to visit his parents, he certainly played up the story. We were both fans of science fiction and I still am even though I'm in my fifties. I don't know exactly where my beliefs are about life on other planets, but I tend to think it is possible. I guess if I was pressed to commit to where I thought an alien space craft had ever visited Earth, I would probably have to say yes to that too. Were they abducting humans for experiments aboard their ships, I would have to say I doubt it. If you asked me if I thought all UFO's were from other planets, I would say no. Asking the same question about some of them being from other planets, I would say probably.

I believe that at least once in my life, I really did see UFO's. I worked the eleven p.m. to seven a.m. shift at a beach side hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida as a night auditor. That time of night was usually pretty quiet, and my fiancée, Robin a desk clerk during the day was there with me. I noticed a group of people starting to grow around the pool looking out towards the ocean. I asked Robin to watch the front desk, while I saw what was going on. As I entered the pool area, several of the people looked up at me and nodded but did not say anything. They started looking back towards the ocean. The feeling was rather surreal in and of itself. I followed their eyes toward the ocean to see five and sometimes six bright objects moving in formation out over the ocean. This display went on for something like ten or fifteen minutes. Sometime one or two of the lights would "break off" of the main group and streak off at speeds that seemed incomprehensible. I looked back at the hotel balconies and saw more and more people coming to look toward the ocean. I can't tell you how strange it was that everyone was so quiet. It was obvious that most people there thought we were seeing something that was quite out of the ordinary. Plainly speaking everyone thought it was UFO's but nobody wanted to say anything to that effect. By the end of the show there must have been at least a hundred people combined in our hotel alone on the balconies and around the pool. I could see even more people gathered around the pools of adjoining hotels. For the most part the group wordlessly broke apart to go to their rooms or walks on the beach. A couple of out loud questions about what we had seen were met with only shrugs of the shoulder.

When the show was over, I went back in and tried to call the police. For the first time in my life here in Daytona, there was a busy signal. The second call got through and since it appeared over the ocean I was directed to call the Coast Guard. When I finally got through to them, I was told that there was a shrimp boat burning off the Atlantic Ocean shore, and it was the cause of the lights. The guy laughed and said they had received lots of calls that evening.


The next day there was no mention of the incident or burning shrimp boats in the Newspaper.



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