Hooking Up

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Celeste felt a rush of adrenaline, and Matt's train of thought took another unexpected turn and started picking up speed. She loved intelligent men. Especially ones who were tall and slender like Matt. She was desperate to take some scissors to that mop of blonde hair, and create some order out of chaos, but it was too early for negative comments. There were enough positive things, she was curious why her mind even brought the subject up for air. She could follow and interact with Matt's conversation, and still ponder all these other feelings she had. The thought of a roller coaster entered her mind as their conversation took yet another turn, and her goose pimples got goose pimples.

They had just met earlier in the day. He was a sophomore, and she was a freshman, at the prestigious Yale University. They met here in the first semester going into their coed dormitory. For a University that used to be so straight laced, now it is a requirement for freshmen and sophomores to live in the coed dorms, unless they are married or over age twenty-one. Most of the dorms have communal bathrooms and showers. Some have floors segregated by sex, but you often find guys living on the girls floors and vice versa. Those who complain or don't get with the program become "sexiles". The Yalexicon still has the "walk of shame" as being in rumpled evening wear, walking to your dorm from someone else's room early in the morning. It lists "couch duty" as being forced to sleep on the couch in one of the common rooms because your roommate and their companion want some sack time without an audience.

Celeste came from a small midwest town, and even though she wasn't a virgin, this sexually relaxed environment caught her off guard. Her father nearly went ballistic when he found out about the forced coed dorm situation, but the school was sticking to the rule. The only thing he could have done was to quit his job, and move the whole family to the New Haven area, so she could live at home there and attend Yale. So he extracted promises from her, they both knew she'd never keep, so he would at least feel he'd done his fatherly duty.

"Hooking up" was rampant on almost every college and university campus. To girls the term referred to everything from kissing and making out to sex, but for the guys it almost always meant at least oral sex. Each year in America from five to seven percent of sexual partners are pick-ups, one night stands, or prostitutes according to a 2006 survey by the National Science Foundation. Whereas college students in the neighborhood of seventy percent have engaged in casual sexual intercourse with someone who they were not romantically involved with. In many cases the students say that they aren't sure of what their long term plans are with their life, and don't want committed relationships that would interfere with their studies or career plans. This isn't a male driven phenomenon. The women are just as likely to initiate the "hook up" as they guys are.

Celeste's mind wandered back from this analytical view to the tune Afternoon Delight by the Starland Vocal Band. It was more from her mother's generation than hers, but it was the first song she realized was talking openly about sex when she turned thirteen. It was sort of the first glimpse into this totally different world the grown-ups lived in that was interwoven with the world of stuffed animals and Disney movies that she was leaving. She smiled a little wider, because she realized all the signals her mind and body were sending, meant that someone was going to get lucky this afternoon. Although they were drinking wine, she had not even finished one glass yet. She was just impressed that Matt offered her that instead of beer.

Her mind wandered back to the fact that five Orthodox Jewish students at Yale, challenged the forced coed rule as religious discrimination in a U.S. District Court. The judge dismissed the case, saying the plaintiffs could have opted to attend a different college or university if they were not satisfied with Yale's housing policy.

She stood up and wordlessly took Matt's hand and started walking. You could hear her softly say, "Viva la coed dorms!"





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