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I am in the process of migrating my entire book to the Wordpress blog format. It allows me to market the site better, and allows you the ability to go from one story to the next easily. So for the first four chapters are completed. A few stories (1 to 3) are in place for the rest of the chapters.

Please keep in mind that the image show in each story of the book are medium size thumbnails. YOU MUST CLICK ON THE IMAGE to see the full size picture.

My original concept was a coffee table book with the picture on one side and the story on the opposing page. When I wrote this 1280x1024 was the standard PC resolution. I thought I was dying. Not immediately, but I had one health issue after another piling up. I didn't have children, and wanted to leave something behind. In May of 2013 I had gastric bypass surgery, due to complications, there was several times they told my family, "it could go either way." I still have issues, but I am out of the wheelchair, and can get around with a cane. I am not going to change the "Authorist" image, or any of the dates in the book that no longer make sense. This is a time capsule of the time and mind set I was in.


WARNING: Some of the images and text may be not be suitable young children. If this were the movies, I'd say it is a PG-13 rating. This website is registered with, and has enbedded codes that should work with all family filter safe browsing software. I do this to be a responsible webmaster, but you should always be aware of what your children view.

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External Link: Poserdirect is a a great resource for 3D models